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The Best Shade Trees

Looking for the best shade trees for your backyard? Look no further…. we’ve narrowed it down to our Top Ten Best Shade Trees. We’ve selected varieties that are open-spreading with a relatively large mature size.


1. Tilia cordata – Greenspire™

Height. 9m  Width. 6m

A magnificent form of Tilia, Greenspire is a well-formed, vigorous tree with a strong central leader. Pyramidal when young, becoming symmetrical with a narrow oval canopy. Small heart-shaped leaves are glossy and dark green, changing to yellow in autumn. Delicate, small creamy flowers hang in drooping clusters having a spicy fragrance, flowering in late spring to early summer. Tolerant of coastal conditions. Prefers warm temperate to cold climates and moist, well-drained fertile soil.

2. Fraxinus pennsylvanica – Urbdell / Urbanite

Height. 11m  Width. 8m

Upright pyramidal-shaped tree with lovely dense dark green foliage, changing to deep bronze in Autumn and grey bark. One of the finest foliage trees available. A symmetrical habit, highly lustrous foliage, and distinctive bark are just three positive attributes of this tough shade tree. Tolerant of full sun, part shade, compaction & low levels of drought. Tolerates high levels of urban pollution.

3. Nyssa sylvatica – Black Tupelo

Height. 10m Width. 5m

A moderately sized tree with lovely autumn colour of orange & scarlets.  If you’re looking for stunning Autumn colour, this is by far one of the best shade trees for a spectacular fall.  Pyramidal form with excellent uniform structure & strong central leader. Tolerates wet sites, drought and frost as well as hot climates. Pruning is generally not required. Relatively pest free

4. Cornus controversa ‘June Snow’

Height. 8m Width. 10m

A beautiful dogwood providing year-round interest with showy blossom, excellent Autumn colour & an attractive growth habit. A large spreading tree, growing wider than it does high. Lime green new growth. Autumn colour of reds, orange & burgundy. Creamy-white flowers from late spring to early summer, mature trees are a magnificent sight when the branches are covered with flowers. More tolerant of urban conditions and pollution than other Cornus varieties. Prefers cool to cold climates, especially to showcase excellent Autumn colour. High frost tolerance and moderate drought and wind tolerance.

5. Gleditsia – Shademaster

Height. 8m Width. 6m

A fast-growing hardy shade tree. This thornless variety has deep green fern-like leaves in mid spring, which turn rich yellow in autumn. It has an open growing habit with graceful drooping branches, which provide good filtered shade. An excellent street and lawn tree that does well in extreme heat and cold. This variety is often used in urban plantings due to its tolerance of air pollution.

6. Fagus sylvatica purpurea – Purple Beech or Copper Beech

Height. 20m Width. 12m

An impressive purple-foliaged form of European Beech. This tree is very effective when used for colour contrast or as a specimen in larger parks and gardens. Purple leaves mature to a coppery colour throughout spring and summer becoming a deep reddish purple in autumn. 

7. Acer x freemanii ‘Celebration’ / Celzam

Height. 12m Width. 9m

Upright, uniform branching structure with a good central leader. Dense foliage and colours early in autumn. Strong limbs that withstand wind damage well. Excellent choice for street planting, both in urban and suburban settings. Green with grey leaf underside during summer. Colours early in autumn becoming red followed by yellows. Colours are reliable in most climates. Adapts to a wide range of climatic and soil conditions but avoid overly wet sites. Tolerant of urban pollution.

8.Ulmus parvifolia – Chinese Elm

Height. 12m Width. 10m

A large, hardy, semi-deciduous spreading tree. Attractive small glossy green leaves change to yellow in Autumn and will hold on to the softly arching branches until late Winter. Peeling bark reveals attractive patches of yellows, greys and brown. Suitable to most soil conditions

9. Acer negundo – Violaceum

Height. 10m Width. 6m

A medium to large deciduous tree, with a vigorous growth rate. Long, pendulous tassel-like flowers in pink-red tones, hang from the bare branches before the new spring growth appears. Spring foliage is a coppery green, with deep purple veins. The leaves turn to deep green as they mature. Adaptable to a wide range of climates and conditions.

10. Quercus palustris – Pin Oak

Height. 20m Width. 12m

A fast growing, beautiful feature tree, for parks, larger gardens, driveways and avenue planting. Leaves are sharply-lobed and bright shiny green turning to brilliant reds and scarlets in Autumn. Small acorns appear in summer. Adaptable to most climates and soil conditions. Plant in full sun.

We hope this guide has helped you find the best shade tree for your backyard.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us:


03 5628 1507

Remember the old Chinese proverb; The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

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