Tilia cordata – Greenspire™


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Tilia cordata – Greenspire™ / PNI6025

HEIGHT: 9.0m

 WIDTH: 6.0m

*height & width at maturity

FORM: Pyramidal when young, becoming symmetrical with a narrow oval canopy. Grows with a strong leader.

FOLIAGE: Small heart shaped leaves are glossy and dark green, changing to yellow in autumn.

 FLOWERS and FRUIT: Delicate, small creamy flowers hang in drooping clusters having a spicy fragrance, flowering in late spring to early summer.

 BARK: Grey brown and ridged

 GROWTH RATE: Moderate

 DESCRIPTION: A magnificent form of Tilia, Greenspire is a well formed, vigorous tree with a strong central leader. It has good potential for use as a street and city tree as well as in parks, gardens and golf courses.

 LANDSCAPE USES: Street tree, feature, shade tree

 TOLERANCES: Tolerant of coastal conditions. Prefers warm temperate to cold climates and moist, well drained fertile soil.

 TREE CARE: May require summer water in dry conditions. Pruning is not generally required to maintain shape. Aphids may occasionally be a problem, but are generally not detrimental to the tree. May take time to recover after transplanting.

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33cm pot / 12" pot


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