Gleditsia – Elegantissima


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Gleditsia tricanthos inermis – Elegantissima

HEIGHT: 5.0m

WIDTH: 4.0m

*height & width at maturity

FORM: Shrub-like tree with a dense rounded habit.


FOLIAGE: Fernlike, bright green foliage that turns yellow in Autumn.

FLOWERS: Insignificant

DESCRIPTION: This is an attractive, compact, almost shrub-like tree that will grow to a height of 5 metres. Its fine, bright green, fernlike foliage will turn yellow in Autumn. This variety has minimal thorns.

LANDSCAPE USES: This slow-growing deciduous tree makes an excellent choice for small gardens. Its fine foliage and shrubby habit give it a soft appearance and it offers dappled shade in a garden setting. Also used in street plantings and parks.

TOLERANCES: Plant in a protected position, as tree can produce long branches that are susceptible to wind damage. Frost and drought tolerant.

TREE CARE: Plant in a well drained and well worked soil. Take care to plant the bud union above the soil level. Water in well and keep soil moist until tree is established. Fertilize when planting and again after new growth appears. Prune tree when planting to encourage new growth.

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