Acmena smithii var. minor – Dwarf Lilly Pilly


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Acmena smithii minor – Dwarf Lilly Pilly (also referred to as Neighbours be gone)

DESCRIPTION: Acmena smithii  minor (sometimes referred to as neighbours be gone) is a smaller growing, bushier form of the Acemna smithii lilly pilly. It has attractive bronze coloured new growth with the older leaves turning a dark shiny green. Acmena smithii  Minor displays fluffy creamy-white flowers during summer followed by masses of brightly coloured berries. This is a tried and tested variety and great for thick hedges either formal or informal.



*height & width at maturity

FORM: Shrub

FOLIAGE: Dense, small green leaves with bronze new growth

FLOWERS and FRUIT: Small white clusters of creamy-white flowers bloom during summer.


LANDSCAPE USES: The dense foliage of the Acemna smithii minor make for a great screening or hedging plant. This shrub can be left to grow as an informal screen or easily clipped into a formal hedge. A fantastic native substitute for buxus sempervirens (Box hedge)

TOLERANCES: Acemna smithii minor can be grown in full sun to part shade. Performs best in deep loamy soils, however, can handle most soil conditions.

TREE CARE: Fertilise in autumn and spring with a native slow release fertilizer. Acmena’s will respond very well to hard pruning

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