Prunus – Okame


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Prunus – Okame

Pink Flowering Cherry

 DESCRIPTION:  A small ornamental cherry tree that produces masses of candyfloss-pink, petite single flowers in early spring.

HEIGHT: 4.0-9.0m

 WIDTH: 4.0-7.0m

*height & width at maturity

FORM: Upright becoming oval to rounded

FOLIAGE: Sharply toothed, dark green with orange and red autumn colour

 FLOWERS and FRUIT: Pink single flowers appear in clusters


 GROWTH RATE: Moderate

 LANDSCAPE USES: Borders, container, feature, parks and gardens, shade or street tree, espalier

 TOLERANCES: Prefers full sun. Tolerates most clay, sandy or loamy soils. Prefers good drainage. Generally pest and disease free. Will tolerate moderate drought, frost, wind, and pollution. Will not tolerate boggy or waterlogged sites.

 TREE CARE: Apply a slow release fertiliser annually, keep moist during dry periods and will benefit from being mulched well. Prune after flowering if required.

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Multi-trunk, Tree Form


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