Cupressus leylandii ‘Leighton Green’


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Cupressus leylandii -Leighton Green Conifer


DESCRIPTION: Leighton Green is a very fast growing, hardy, evergreen conifer. It has the potential to grow over 10.0m tall but it is able to be controlled and it hedges beautifully.

HEIGHT: 20.0m

WIDTH: 5.0m

*height & width at maturity

FORM: Pyramidial

FOLIAGE: Deep green foliage in flattened, fern like sprays.



GROWTH RATE: Very fast

LANDSCAPE USES: It is used extensively on farms and larger properties as large screens, windbreaks and protection for livestock. In the home garden it is used as formal hedging and screening.

TOLERANCES: Leighton Green is very hardy. It likes full sun or part shade and well drained, fertile soil but will tolerate nearly all soil types. It will do well by the coast or exposed positions, is frost hardy and is drought tolerant once established. Prefers warm temperate to cold climates.

TREE CARE: Prune 2-3 times per year to maintain any desired size or shape.

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25cm pot (10" pot), 33cm pot / 12" pot


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