Cornus kousa – Weaver’s Weeping


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Cornus kousa – Weaver’s Weeping

HEIGHT: 3.0m

WIDTH: 3.0m

*height & width at maturity

FORM: Shrubby small tree with weeping pendulous branches.

FOLIAGE: Dark green summer foliage becomes reddish purple in autumn.

FLOWERS AND FRUIT: White bracts appear on top of branches in spring. Showy, edible fruit attracts birds.

GROWTH RATE: Slow to moderate

DESCRIPTION: A picturesque canopy of arching or cascading branches decorated with a profusion of pure white flowers.

LANDSCAPE USES: Attracts birds and butterflies.

TOLERANCES: Prefers full sun to part shade in organically rich acidic, but well drained soils.

TREE CARE: Requires regular watering during hot summers. Prune to an outward bud while dormant. Mulch well for best results

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Pot Size

33cm pot / 12" pot


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