Bare Root Season 2017






You can now place your orders for bare root season 2017.

Supply has fallen short of demand over the past couple of years so we are encouraging our customers to order early and avoid disappointment.



What is a Bare Root Tree?

These are deciduous trees that are available during winter when they are in their dormant state. They are supplied without pots or soil around the rootball.

When will I get my bare root trees?

Bare root trees are available to order all year with delivery taking place in June, July and August every year.

How are my bare root trees transported?

Large trees are transported in our enclosed trailer with wet sawdust around the roots. Seedlings are transported the same way or by post where they are also wrapped to prevent drying out

Do I need to be at home to accept delivery?

No. You can provide delivery instructions for our driver to leave your trees in a discreet place at your home. Any orders sent by Australia Post or courier will follow their procedures.

Is there a risk when buying bare root trees?

There is always a risk when buying a live product and bare root trees are no different. Due to the process that a bare root tree goes through, there is generally a 90-95% success rate. If you are planting out a long avenue or driveway, we always suggest you order 10% more than required so that you have matching stock to replace any that do not survive.

How big is a bare root tree?

Bare root trees are generally very young, generally 1-2 years in age. Heights vary from less than 0.5m to 2.0m tall. Most grafted trees such as weeping cherries are already 1.8m tall.

Can I pick up from your nursery?

Absolutely. Our nursery is open to the public 11am to 3pm 7 days a week. If you have ordered bare root trees, please confirm that your order is ready to pick up before arrival.

Do you only do bare root trees?

No. Blerick Tree Farm specialises in advanced trees which we carry all year round.