Pyrus fauriei – Westwood – Korean Sun


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 Pyrus fauriei – Korean Sun

Ornamental Pear

HEIGHT: 4.0m

 WIDTH: 5.0m

*height & width at maturity

FORM: Compact and dense. Oval habit

FOLIAGE: Glossy green summer foliage becomes reds and oranges in autumn

 FLOWERS and FRUIT: Small white flowers in early spring. Small black inedible fruit

 BARK: Light grey becoming furrowed with age.

 GROWTH RATE: Slow to moderate

 DESCRIPTION: This small ornamental pear offers a compact, dense growth habit, bright autumn colour and hardy disposition. It may be used successfully as a hedge, screen or barrier as well a single specimen in small to medium sized gardens.

 LANDSCAPE USES: Hedging, screening, street tree

 TOLERANCES: Adapts to a wide variety of soils but prefers a well drained position. Tolerant of waterlogging. Prefers full sun.


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Pot Size

33cm pot / 12" pot, Bare Root


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