Magnolia (syn. Michelia) hybrid var. ‘Cream Fairy’ pbr


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Magnolia (syn. Michelia) hybrid var. ‘Cream Fairy’ pbr

HEIGHT: 4m tall

WIDTH: 2.5m tall

*height & width at maturity

FLOWERS: Traditional, large white & fragrant flowers that appear in abundance in spring, but can spot flower throughout the year

DESCRIPTION: An evergreen magnolia perfect for screening or hedging or as a small feature tree within the garden. Can also be grown in containers when kept pruned to size. Beautiful, perfumed flowers appear in abundance in Spring but this variety can spot flower throughout the entire year. Displays deep green foliage with minimal leaf drop.

TOLERANCES: Will tolerate a warm, full sun position or partial shade. Prefers slightly acidic soil

TREE CARE: Prune after flowering to maintain shape, they will tolerate a hard prune if necessary. They do not like wet feet, so keep the roots of the tree free draining, especially in winter. An annual application of slow-release fertilizer is recommended. Mulch is Spring & keep the roots moist, especially when the tree is establishing itself.

FORM: Upright shrub


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45L bag / 40cm pot


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