Ginkgo biloba ‘Maidenhair Tree’


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HEIGHT: 20.0m

WIDTH: 10.0m

*height & width at maturity

FORM: Open shrubby canopy


FOLIAGE: Unusual fan shaped leaves that are a soft green changing to a bright gold in Autumn.

FLOWERS: Greenish catkins occur on the male tree, and the female bears paired fruit on stalks. When ripe the fruit is pale yellow, and consists of a seed surrounded by a foul smelling fleshy layer.

DESCRIPTION: The Maidenhair Tree is from the conifer family. It is a large, slow growing deciduous tree. It is distinguished by the unusual fan shaped leaves that are a soft green changing to a spectacular clear yellow in Autumn. The ginkgo is the oldest living species of tree.

LANDSCAPE USES: Beautiful specimen tree for parks and large gardens.

TOLERANCES: Plant in full sun and protect from strong winds.

TREE CARE: Plant in a well drained and well worked soil. Take care to plant the bud union above the soil level. Water in well and keep soil moist until tree is established. Fertilize when planting and again after new growth appears. Prune tree when planting to encourage new growth.

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100L bag, 150L bag, 20cm pot (8"), 25cm pot (10" pot), 33cm pot / 12" pot, 45L bag / 40cm pot, 75L bag / 50cm pot


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