Elaeocarpus reticulatus – Blueberry Ash


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Elaeocarpus reticulatus – Blueberry Ash

HEIGHT: 10.0m

 WIDTH: 5.0m

*height & width at maturity. Can be trimmed & kept much smaller

FORM: Dense, conical form

FOLIAGE: Dense, dark green foliage that turns a bright shade of red when older.

FLOWERS and FRUIT: This tree is either fruiting or flowering for the majority of the year. From around April through to October, bright blue, bird attracting oval-shaped fruit appear. Then from October to January, beautiful light pink to white are displayed on mass. A highly ornamental tree.


DESCRIPTION: A highly ornamental feature tree better known as the “Blueberry Ash”. This beautiful Australian Native displays light-pink to white petite flowers, bright blue oval-shaped fruit & dark green foliage that turns bright red with age. Although this tree can reach heights of 10m, it responds well to pruning & can be kept at 3m tall as a formal hedge.

LANDSCAPE USES: Perfect for dense hedging if kept trimmed or leave them to grow to their natural size of 10m tall. Their highly ornamental characteristics make this a great feature tree.

 TOLERANCES: Best grown in full sun or part shade. Will tolerate low nutrient & dry soils but performs best with regular watering. Requires little maintenance.

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