Cercis siliquastrum – Judas Tree


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Cercis siliquastrum – Judas Tree / Redbud


DESCRIPTION: An attractive, small deciduous tree with rounded, heart shaped leaves. In spring, clusters of pea-like flowers appear along the branches and trunk. Leaves are edible.

HEIGHT: 8.0m

WIDTH: 7.0m

*height & width at maturity

FORM: Round

FOLIAGE: New growth is bronze-red maturing to Rounded, heart shaped mid green leaves. Autumn colours are pale yellow and greenish yellow.

FLOWERS and FRUIT: Pink, pea like flowers appear en mass along the bare branches in early spring. Long and flat reddish purple pods form and hang from the tree.



LANDSCAPE USES: Parks and garden, street tree, feature

TOLERANCES: Tolerant to frost and most soil conditions but prefers moist areas. Avoid hot and windy areas. Prefers full sun to partly shaded positions but will tolerate full shade.

TREE CARE: Regularly water throughout dry seasons. Generally pest free.

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Pot Size

33cm pot / 12" pot, 45L bag / 40cm pot, Bare Root


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