Agonis flexuosa ‘Burgundy’


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Agonis flexuosa ‘Burgundy’


DESCRIPTION: A graceful, weeping Australian native small tree that will compliment any garden.

HEIGHT: 4.0m

WIDTH: 2.0m

*height & width at maturity

FORM: Rounded and weeping

FOLIAGE: Fine, dark green, eucalypt-like foliage with burgundy coloured tips

FLOWERS and FRUIT: Small white flowers appear in mid spring along the branches



LANDSCAPE USES: Feature, informal hedge, containers

TOLERANCES: Prefers full sun and well drained soil. Tolerates some frost and coastal areas. Relatively pest and disease free

TREE CARE: Use a native, slow release fertiliser in spring and prune to shape when required.

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Pot Size

20cm pot (8"), 25cm pot (10" pot), 33cm pot / 12" pot, 45L bag / 40cm pot


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