Acer palmatum – Mikawa-yatsubusa


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Acer palmatum – Mikawa-yatsubusa

A dwarf Japanese maple

HEIGHT: 1.5m

 WIDTH: 1.8m

*height & width at maturity

FORM: Rounded and dense

FOLIAGE: green leaves and multi-branched. Leaves grow closely together producing a unique and dense leaf cover. Autumn tones are a feature of vibrant golden, orange, red and bronze.

 FLOWERS: insignificant


 DESCRIPTION: A slow growing, highly ornamental form of dwarf Japanese Maple.

 LANDSCAPE USES: Pots, small gardens, specimen

 TOLERANCES: Prefers cool to cold climates. Grows best in full sun to part shade in moist slightly acidic and well drained soil. Should not be planted in a highly exposed situation where hot, dry winds may stress the tree and dry or burn foliage.

 TREE CARE: Remove any growth appearing below the graft. Prevent leaf scorch by providing ample water throughout summer months. Avoid pruning in spring. Fertilise before the leaves emerge.

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33cm pot / 12" pot


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