Platanus orientalis digitata


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Platanus orientalis digitata – Oriental Plane / Cut Leaf Plane

HEIGHT: 20.0m

 WIDTH: 12.0m

*height & width at maturity

FORM: Spreading

FOLIAGE: Large shiny dark green leaves that have 5 deep finger-like lobes, and that change colour to gold and brown in Autumn

 FLOWERS and FRUIT: Large bristly ‘seed balls’ are usually produced in pairs in Summer.

 BARK: Mottled greys and fawns that flakes off during Winter.


 DESCRIPTION: Roots are deep and can be invasive.

 LANDSCAPE USES: Well used for street and park plantings and excellent as a shade tree.

 TOLERANCES: Tolerates air pollution, is frost hardy and suitable to most soil types and climates. Plant in well drained soil in full sun.

 TREE CARE: Plant in a well drained and well worked soil. Take care to plant the bud union above the soil level. Water in well and keep soil moist until tree is established. Fertilize when planting and again after new growth appears. Prune tree when planting to encourage new growth.

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