Acer saccharinum – Silver Maple


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Acer saccharinum – Silver Maple

Also known as Creek Maple, White Maple, Silverleaf Maple, Water Maple, Swamp Maple or Soft Maple

HEIGHT: 30.0m

WIDTH: 10.0m

*height & width at maturity

FORM: Tall with a broad crown

FOLIAGE: Graceful and delicate being palmately lobed and veined.

In autumn it makes a splendid display as the green foliage turns to a spectacular burnished gold colour.



 DESCRIPTION: It is a tall, broad crowned tree that will develop multiple trunks and is also low branching. The cane-like branches damage easily but grow back quickly.

 LANDSCAPE USES: Often seen as a street or park tree due to its attractive appearance when in leaf. Also goes well along side waterways.

 TOLERANCES: It is very hardy but prefers a cool climate and can withstand some water inundation.

 TREE CARE: Prefers organic material rich soil though will grow in most soil conditions. Neutral to acid soils produce the most spectacular autumn colours. Does not like full sun in warmer climates – the warmer the climate the more shade it needs. Keep up the water in warmer climates and seasons.

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33cm pot / 12" pot, 75L bag / 50cm pot, Bare Root


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