Acer macrophyllum – Big Leaf Maple / Oregan Maple


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Acer macrophyllum – Big Leaf Maple / Oregan Maple

HEIGHT: 12.0-25.0m

 WIDTH: 15.0m

*height & width at maturity

FORM: Broad crown

FOLIAGE: Mid green, distinctive five-fingered leaves that broaden to over 30cm in both length and width. Become yellow in Autumn

 FLOWERS and FRUIT: Greenish-yellow flowers usually appear before the leaves. In spring the tree gives rise to fragrant bouquets of flowers that dangle together in leggy loose clusters. Each sweet-scented flower measures about 1.0cm inch across. Fruit is a golden brown double samara in Autumn.

 BARK: Grayish-brown to reddish-brown

 GROWTH RATE: Fast when young

 DESCRIPTION: A tendency to attack and invade water or sewer lines.

 LANDSCAPE USES: Feature or shade tree where space is permitted

 TOLERANCES: prefers the moist well-drained soils



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