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Gold Garden Design

For those who want the wow factor! 
$1500 Flat Rate

This service leaves nothing to the imagination A detailed 3D and 2D plan. Walk through your entire design and enjoy photo realism from different points of view.


What does this service include?: 

An onsite consultation, where we:

  • Assess your aspect, borrowed landscape, levels, drainage, soil type, prevailing winds, fences, sun, shade, susceptibility to frost, availability of water – and all of these things that will affect the type of garden that you should choose and that will flourish.
  • Help you formulate your ideas
  • A portfolio of photographs is taken to assist with the final plan

Back at the Tree Farm

  • A detailed computer generated plan with 3D animated graphics. This Plan includes property elevations and is state of the art with photo realism.
  • A digital file on a complementary memory stick for your computer that allows you to walk through your entire design and enjoy photo realism from different viewpoints. A great way to share your visualised ideas with family, friends or clients.
  • 3D graphic rendering that allows you to view the change in your design over time.
  • As well as the 3D Plan you receive a folio with a coloured 2D plan, a selection of computer generated photos highlighting different views of your plan.
  • a complete plant list and costing is compiled .
  • a personalised guided tour of Blerick Tree Farm is organised at a time convenient to you. You can inspect the recommended species, and choose and tag your plants we have in stock or just consolidate your ideas further.

For your convenience

  • a free sourcing and collating of plants that we may not have in stock.
  • a free 3 month collating and holding service.

The Advantages:
Select your plants in their most favourable season e.g. spring and/or autumn and plant later at your convenience. The advantage to you is this enables you to choose and reserve your plants while they are in their prime. i.e. flowering and/or displaying their colourful autumn foliage and while our nursery has a large variety in stock. We will hold and care for them and you get the advantage of an extra 8 weeks of growth before they make their way to their new home


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