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Garden Consultation and Design

Garden Consultation and Design Service


Here at Blerick Tree Farm we will work with you to design your ultimate garden which will reflect your lifestyle, taste and budget.

It is the perfect partnership that combines your ideas with our expert knowledge that can only be gained from having grown over 100,000 plants.

We can design the garden of your choice:

·         New gardens

·         Contemporary gardens

·         Remodelling tired gardens

·         Corporate and industrial space large acreage

·         Minimalistic gardens

·         Majestic driveways

·         Formal, classical gardens

·         Japanese gardens

·         Public space in housing estates

·         School garden design projects (e.g. edible kitchen gardens and outdoor classrooms)


Exceptional garden designs, expert knowledge and highest level of customer service have earned Blerick Tree Farm its leading reputation as a designer, grower and supplier of quality plants and trees.


We have three levels of service to help you with your garden design and landscape design:


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